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"a Waikato school, rather unfortunately, has been captured with its own aerial art - six giant phallic symbols. The prank at a Hamilton school has been caught by satellite and immortalised on an internet map potentially seen by millions around the ...Read More

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Bit of an old one now, but worth a revisit. "A 6m (20ft) appendage has been added to famous chalk hill carving the Long Man of Wilmington. It is thought pranksters used a football pitch marker for the stunt in East ...Read More

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If you are the kind of person who take photos of random crap graffiti in the streets, then you are probably also a prime Droid spotter. Our sister website documents "domestic utility units abandoned after they were decommissioned". We want ...Read More

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Mikros created this great animated vidoe for an AIDs awareness campaign. It stars a CDC and many CDVs, all scrawled on various toilet cubicle walls. Taken from here Read More

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To coincide with the release of our new book, we are now offering an audio version. This is what happened... Read More

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Congratulations to Marcus for his "No Pishing" pic - it was the highest voted in July (4.3 / 5). A copy of the new Crap Graffiti book is on its way to him.   Read More

To celebrate the launch of our new book, we are giving away a free copy to the highest voted photo posted in July. To be in with a chance to win, submit your crap graffiti photo during the month of ...Read More

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